HAIFA 1955 - CARRARA 2011




Ronit came from afar. Her existence lay within an ancient, rooted history, marked by diversely dramatic past and present, the story of the Jewish people. 

She graduated in 1978 in Art, Design and Teaching at the Institute for Teachers of Art (HaMidrasha) in Tel Aviv, after a long period of political militancy in Israel side by side with students and teaching staff of the University of Birzeit (Palestine). In 1984 she was awarded a study grant in Paris which allowed her to leave Israel and realize her need to affirm the meaning of her life as a woman, in a cosmopolitan existence open to art, history, and European and world politics.

Both during her stay in Paris and subsequently in Italy, where she went to live in 1987, Ronit always maintained her links to her native country, through unbroken communication with friends, artists and active intellectuals. A convinced pacifist, she denounced in a clear and courageous way the progressive Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory and oppression and killing of Palestinians.[...]


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12 / 05 / 1955



Graduated in Art and education

Israeli Art college “HAMIDRASHA”, Tel Aviv



 Continued her artistic activities while working on several projects related to creativity and education in the Israeli governmental schools as Art and b/w photography teacher.


Worked with children with psychological difficulties like mental and handicap problems, hyper activity and dyslectic problems.



1978 / '79


Collective exhibition - The biennale of Young artists HAIFA MUSEUM, ISRAEL

Collective exhibition - Kibutz gallery - Tel Aviv

 Collective exhibition - The Artists House - Tel Aviv


Collective exhibition - Salon - Tel Aviv


Collective exhibition – Shenhar gallery - Tel Aviv


 Collective exhibition – Young artists – Haifa museum

1984 / '87





Received a scholarship for artists from the Israeli ministry of education for staying at the “Citè des Arts”, Paris

Hebrew Teacher in the Jewish community and several High schools


Preparation and creation of didactic materials and games for learning and teaching Hebrew for the Annual international congress of the Jewish and Hebrew teachers


Works as graphic designer



ehad aham 90 gallery
ehad aham 90 gallery

Just the body remember, Yitzhak Laor
Just the body remember, Yitzhak Laor


Personal exhibition – Cité des arts – Paris


Collective exhibition for young artists – Grand Palais - Paris


Collective exhibition – Atelier rue des Orteaux – Paris

1989 / '97





moved to Siena, Tuscany



Teacher for american students in a special program of the

“Università degli stranieri”, Siena


Course of “decoration papers with the technique of marbling”

Worked as a bookbinder


Teacher at the Siena’s schools in several creativity projects


Teacher for “ NOW “  European project for women


Teacher of  Tai Ki kun (Tai Chi chuan)




Personal exhibition- Universal gallery - Castrovillari, Cosenza

1995 Personal exhibition - Studio Marzulli- Milano


Collective exhibition – Consacro - Città di Castello, Perugia

1995 Collective exhibition – Corte delle giare - Ragazzola, Parma


1996 Personal exhibition - Carte Graffiate - Arte e Libri - Siena


1996 Collective - Art for All - Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni - Roma


1997 Personal exhibition - Pinta gallery - Milano


1997 Personal exhibition – Galleria L'Atelier - Siena

crossing gallery 1991
crossing gallery 1991

pinta gallery
pinta gallery

forme mentis
forme mentis

crossing gallery 1991
crossing gallery 1991

Corpi Viaggianti, Agheiro Gallery
Corpi Viaggianti, Agheiro Gallery

from the outbourst reality exibh.
from the outbourst reality exibh.

Corpi Viaggianti, Agheiro Gallery
Corpi Viaggianti, Agheiro Gallery




2005 Evento/Muro - Palazzo Ducale di Massa

2007 Collective exhibition - En Plein Air- Pinerolo, Torino


2007 Collective exhibition - Il Giardino antico - Carrara

2008 Collective exhibition - Emergenze 6 - La Spezia


2008 Collective exhibition - Le visage qui se’efface

de Giacometti a Baselitz - Toulon, France

2011 Last personal exhibition - Beit Haomanim Gallery - Tel Aviv



She continued to teach in Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, Liguria,  Rome schools and she developsprojects for several creativity workshops.


In 2006 Wall/event , Ronit was invited to work with architect Paolo Riani (http://www.paoloriani.com/sito/) and his studens in the engineering department of Pisa, about the Wall's Separation subject


 2008 Edited  ''OCCUPATION'' a book of six israeli photograpers

Lineadaria Editore

visit  shop page


2008-2009 two years graphology cours for HR 


2011 master in architect of web design.





Moved to Carrara, Tuscany


2004 / '11




Ronit Dovrat died in Carrara

two months before she discovered she was suffering from cancer

Forme Mentis 

Tiziano Santi, exhibition's  catalogue, S.Martino di Lupari (PD) 1987

italian version



Omar Calabrese, exhibition's review, Siena 1997 

italian version -------  English version


A Vilde Haye, Bestie Feroci

Ronit Dovrat, Il Manifesto 2009




געגוע ועצב בתערוכה של רונית דברת 

2011  סמדר שפי, בעיתון הארץ ,  


Longing and sadness in the Ronit Dovrat exhibition

Smadar Safi,  Haaretz 2011

english version

Ronit Dovrat, la pacifista e l'artista | Ronit Dovrat, artist for peace

Ruba Saleh, il Manifesto 2011

italian version  -----   hebrew version ------ PDF edition


12 maggio, a creative breath of a life

Rita Scrimieri, Massa 2012

english version  -----  italian version

התערוכה "שלשות 8": אחד העם פינת פארטצ'

 2014 גליה יהב,  בעיתון הארץ, Galia Yahav, Haaretz 2014


Evento / Muro - Wall / Event

Il Manifesto, 2005

Link  ------  PDF italian

In Israele contro Sharon, articolo in risposta a Gad Lerner

Ronit Dovrat, Il Manifesto 2002

Link  ------  PDF italian

Scorci di un artista israeliana

Edited by Rita Scrimieri, Le Monde Diplomatic 2012

http://www.monde-diplomatique.it/LeMonde-archivio/Ottobre-2012/ (expired link)

1980 / '84




Collective exhibition – Tzavta theatre - Tel Aviv


Three personal exhibitions - Ehad Haam 90 Gallery - Tel Aviv 


Personal exhibition – Radius gallery - Tel Aviv 


Collective exhibition - Gerusalem theater


Founder, with Arie Berkovitz and Sara Hinski  of the experimental art gallery ‘’ EHAD HAAM 90’' in Tel Aviv





 Moved to Italy, Marostica, Venice


1987 / '89


Hebrew theacher for the Jewish kindergarten, Venice


Ceramic classes  for menthal disabled people.



Collective exhibition – Pinta gallery – Genova / Milano


Collective exhibition - Forme Mentis - S.Martino di Lupari, Padova


Collective exhibition – Crossing gallery – Mestre, Venezia


Personal exhibition - Crossing gallery – Portoguaro, Venezia

Personal exhibition – Crossing gallery - Eraclea mare – Venezia

Personal exhibition – Crossing gallery – Portoguaro, Venezia



1998-2000 Cecina, Pisa - Lecturer about “the complicity of the Israeli society” and “the influence of the conflict on education''

at the summer school of the science of pedagogic department ,

Florence University in collaboration with Berlin institute. 


1999 Post graduating in “Intercultural relations'', at the department of science of pedagogy, Florence university.


Worked in several locations next to Florence in the ''PIA'' project of art and creativity for kindergartens, elementary schools and colleges.


From 1999  part of the staff of creativity experts at ''La settimana dei bambini del Mediterraneo ” in Ostuni, Puglia.  An initiative that repeats every year in October.

2000 Iinvited to give a one week course about creativity in a high school for social works in Brindisi, Puglia.


A seven years collaboration with the association Dada artebambini (www.rivistadada.it) , teaching at different schools in Italy and giving stages for teachers about art and creativity.


2003 Founder and Vice president of ''Zeit u Zatar association''

Israely & Palestinian resident in Italy




 Moved to Rignano sull'Arno, Firenze

1998 / 2004






1999 Collective exhibition - En Plein Air – Pinerolo, Torino.


2002 Collective exhibition - Bassano in Teverina, Viterbo

2003 Personal exhibition - Castello di Graffignano, Viterbo


2003 Collective exhibition - En Plein Air- Pinerolo, Torino


2003 Two artists exh. - La realtà esplosa - The outburst of reality with the photographer Rula Halawani, Massa, Prato 


2004 Collective exhibition - En Plein Air - Pinerolo, Torino


2004 Two artists exhibition - Corpi Viaggianti - 

with Sophie Mondini - Agheiro gallery - Lavagna, Genova 


children workshops
children workshops

Arte e libri 1996
Arte e libri 1996

graphic label for wine
graphic label for wine

children workshops
children workshops

Le visage qui s'efface
Le visage qui s'efface

2008-10- LA_CROIX
2008-10- LA_CROIX

Exhibition Tapestries
Exhibition Tapestries

Le visage qui s'efface
Le visage qui s'efface